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About us

PetBuy.in was launched because we saw the need for a place where the local community with in a city could come together, meet, trade and help each other in many ways. Community members can come here to find Pets and sell their Dogs, Cats and Birds promote their small business, find a Pet For Your Home, join a sellĀ  For Pets, buy Pet any BreedsĀ  that they might want or have to offer and make new friends while doing all of the above.

We hope to address all such needs and more by connecting people in an easy and PetBuy.in way.

PetBuy Facts

http://petbuy.in/oc-content/themes/krishna/images/petbuy.1.png http://petbuy.in/oc-content/themes/krishna/images/petbuy.2.pnghttp://petbuy.in/oc-content/themes/krishna/images/petbuy.3.png